2 comments on “Breaking Now: Massive Bomb Destroys Golden Dawn Office in Athens

  1. As an incentive to gain a larger membership base and keep the current supporters of Golden Dawn active, I recommend encouraging participants to take an educational program focusing on nationalism. Members of GD could get in touch with some of the local University Poli-Sci & International Studies programs in their area for inquiries.


    POLI 443

    Ethnicity, Nationalism and Violent Conflict (Seminar Course)

    Units: 1.5, Hours: 3-0

    A critical examination of some of the major theories of ethno-nationalism and identity-based conflict. Discussion of the particular challenges that ethno-nationalism poses for multi-ethnic states and for the international community; and consider institutional arrangements designed to manage ethnic diversity and reduce the potential for conflict. Examining relevant case studies, students will explore a variety of topics, including: the origin of nationalism, sources of conflict, institutional management of conflict, the role of the international community and gendered aspects of ethno-nationalist conflict.

    Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 443, 433 (if taken in the topic “Issues in Politics: Security and Ethnic Conflict”).

    Undergraduate course in Political Science offered by the Department of Political Science in the Faculty of Social Sciences.


    Nationalism and International Relations

    Nationalism and Political Science

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