12 comments on “Michael Novick, A Wealthy Zionist And Unrepetentant Terrorist Ring Leader Of “Anti-Racist Action” Exposed!

  1. The whole purpose of these groups claiming to be anti-racist is to avoid being called racist themselves, portray their actions as positive and not harmful, to dupe people into believing their intentions are fair and non-partisan, and to carry out hate and racist slander under the guise of fighting racism.

    What better way to raise money (from all races), avoid criticism from a majority white population (or any population) and all the while promoting racism then to claim your anti-racist.

    Their inflence in the media stops most people from learning the truth about real racism in America.

    The genocide going on waged by influence in the media, by lawyers, by pro-abortion, integration, anti-white activist, by immigration, by culture distorting Hollywood.

    The end game these people have in mind is whites of any nation becoming extinct.

    Almost every major anti-racist group was founded by Jewish interest to promote anti-white hate.

  2. Here’s the details on his friend:
    Avon Michelle Leekley-Novick.
    5832 Bowcroft St, Unit 4,
    Los Angeles, CA 90016-4928
    Phone Number: 310-838-1343
    Age 64 Date of Birth 4/6/1948
    Aliases/Name Variations: A Leekley, Avon M Novick, Avon Binford, Avon Leekely, Avn M Binford

    Has email with this org (a****@echohorizon.org full email unknown) whom she probably works at as a teacher http://www.echohorizon.org/

    • That’s unlikely to be it ATB, they almost certainly live together in Culver City. That address is located in a mostly poor and black/Mexican part of LA (Baldwin Hills) it’s got fairly low property values when you look it up. , It’s most likely property Avon owns it and slum lords over some poor mexicans or blacks.

      • Probably.

        Previous addresses.
        Previous addresses are compiled from known addresses where Avon Michelle Leekley-Novick has lived or was connected through a relative, spouse, or possible business affiliation.

        Address #2
        Property Details
        Po Box 1055
        Culver City, CA 90232-1055

        Address #3
        Property Details
        634 N Glenoaks Blvd
        Apt 52
        Burbank, CA 91502-1014
        12/1979 – 9/1993

        Address #4
        Property Details
        3341 Fay Ave
        Culver City, CA 90232-7433
        12/1979 – 12/1979

        Address #5
        Property Details
        715 E Cypress Ave
        Unit D
        Burbank, CA 91501-1871
        12/1979 – 12/1979

        Address #6
        3551 Schaefer St
        Culver City, CA 90232-2420

        Address #7
        Po Box 1990
        Burbank, CA 91507-1990

        Address #8
        468 E Cypress Ave
        Apt 102
        Burbank, CA 91501-3241

        Address #9
        630 E Cypress Ave
        Burbank, CA 91501-3211

  3. The proof that they live at the same Schaefer st address is in the fact that in their public records, they use the same landline phone number : 310-838-1343 . Michael Novick is the last one of Avon Leekley’s multiple spouses, he is noted in another public record as being the Step father of her children, one of which was Lucas Oakland Binford of Binford & Binford, a powerful Jewish lawyer who died in a motorcycle accident.

  4. These communist Anti- Racist groups need to accuse the Muslims of being racist towards the Jews. Many Muslims call the Jews descendants of apes and pigs that have been cursed by Allah and the all the Jews are to be wiped of the face of the earth. Then again Karl Marx or Moses Levy Mordecai, was a self loathing Jew that left a belief in God, was a Racist. Marx said that Serbs were agricultural and were too far behind culturally on the evolutionary scale to accept and usher in the New Age of the communist Utopia and would therefore need to be eliminated. The socialism of Karl Marx has brought a policy of mass killing from the socialist such as; Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, to Pol Pot.
    These Anti-Racists, SDS types, (Students for Democracy, which is nothing but two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner i.e. the majority rules, as in Bolshevik which means majority in Russian,) want to bring Democracy to Muslim countries as in Muslim Sharia Law that will ultimately kill and eliminate Christians and Jews thus eliminating the enemy of to their communist Utopia. Is it any wonder why they want illegal Muslims in Europe and Greece and will call you a Racist if you complain? Forget history and the chapter of the Greeks in the Koran and the fact that Islam has been fighting Greeks since the 8th century after our Lord Jesus Christ. Forget that Greece was ruled and oppressed by Muslims for 500 years and that Constantinople still is. Forget the Muslin Ottoman Turk genocide of Greeks in Anatolia and of our Christian Armenian brothers and sisters. The list of Infidel genocide from Muslims is as great as the communist /socialist genocides. OK enough this is just the tip of the massive iceberg being exposed here –GPS

  5. Hi there. I work in local government in California and have access to national government databases. If the covert State-sponsored antifa terrorist campaign against GD heats up, I can supply the names, contact info, and other details of antifa terrorist leaders and activists. I will just need the names and localities. Good luck.

  6. Bravo!. Here’s an article you and yours should know about. Liars of this magnitude are not just habitual liars, but psychopaths. If they lie about their own racial ancestry, imagine how much more (to paraphrase St. Paul) they will lie about mundane things!


    NEVER trust a jew. NEVER. The Rudder tells us so. And so did the Church, for 1900 years.

    – Fr. John+

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