3 comments on “Soros-yza: Billionaire Currency Speculator Funding And Advising Tsipras!

  1. The article about Alexis Tsipras and George Soros show just how misguided the U.S State Department is, it,s clear that GoldenDawn is for the U.S and the U.S should support Golden Dawn and not fall for the hype the media spews out, I had the priveledge of watching a speech with English subtitles by Ilias Kasidiaras and was most impressed, like you in Greece it is my belief that good patriotic people will prevail here in U.S. God Bless you my friends.

  2. Tsipras is simply one of many Soros investments this puppet-master finances.
    It’s well know that Soros enlisted Obama in 2004 to defeat the inevitable Clinton run for office in 2008. That explains why no history on our Manchurian POTUSA can be verified with real documentation or witnesses. Soros also financed the voter fraud that took place in November 2012 as well as hacking into Romney’s ORCA election infrastructure.

  3. Nice article. I wonder to what degree Tsipras is owned by arch-globalist Soros. This question is vitally pertinent now that Tsipras just won the elections. Soros (Gyorgy Swartz) is big-time bad news. This guy is single-handedly taking the world down. He has had designs for restructuring Greece for a while now, to fit his NWO vision for a reconfigured map of the Balkans. Not only did he put Obama in power but he was behind the Yugoslavian wars and the Ukrainian war. I think he has plans to break up Greece and take away Macedonia and Thrace and merge them with Skopia and Turkey. Being he is 84, we can only hope he kicks the bucket soon.

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