9 comments on “New Anti-Greek Anarchist Thug/Terrorist Ringleader Unmasked: Philip J. Devon Of The ARA and “RAD”

  1. Thank you for this information on this Communist scumbag, it,s people like him that are exactly what,s wrong with America today, not to mention the fact that he would waste food with false orders, that is just downright sinful, 20 pizzas could feed dozens in need and it goes to waste, I get sick just thinking about someoen who would pull a stunt like that, I know you will keep up the fight against trash like that my friends and always remember Deo Vindice, this individual will definitely be judged for his un-Godly actions, I and many others here know you are good Christian people and also know that nationalistic pride is not a dirty word, Godspeed my friends….R.R. Smith

    • “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” – John 3:19

      It is due to the actions of at least three generations of Deicide-controlled brainwashing on American college campuses, that such perverted and sinful minds exist today, who are filled with ‘self-hatred’ and irrationality, replete with false ‘morality’ and ‘outrage’ while the true crimes go unpunished, and the real criminals live in palaces in Manhattan, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

      May YHWH God give you insight to “fight fire with fire,” to ‘out’ such insidious individuals, and to enable not only Greeks, but all the people of Christendom a glorious New Day of righteousness, and freedom for those who merely wish to live the promise of Micah 4:4.

      “Everyone will live in peace and prosperity, enjoying their own grapevines and fig trees, for there will be nothing to fear. The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has made this promise!” NLT.

      – Fr. John+

  2. South Side ARA is known for bombing, firebombing, and hacking. Any info on any of their supporters is greatly appreciated by all

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  4. I am the tweeter. I suspect he isn’t the gnarly guy he is. I believe Phil is in fact undercover FBI or undercover CPD. He has been a destructive force in Occupy Chicago.

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