6 comments on “Quotes Of Ioannis Metaxas

  1. Well said, spoken like a true leader who loved his country and his people, very inspirational and an example that should be follwed here in U.S my fiends

  2. Classical Hellenism is nothing more than whitewashed Paganism. Like the desire of many in the US to revert back to some sort of ‘Nordic Tribalism’ I say, ‘Once Christ had come, you cannot go back.’ In America, as in Greece, the only valid form of governance is a theocratic, overtly Christian Monarchy. Democracy was feared by the American Founding Fathers, for the ‘mob’ will always drag the Aristocracy down. Look who’s been elected- twice! A son of slaves. He’s not MY president. He’s also not the White Man’s equal.

  3. Father John:

    Just like you can’t ignore the amazing Hellenic civilization, you cannot forget the impact of Christianity on Western civilization. Hellenism is something that lives in our blood, dormant but there, and a testament to the greatness we are capable of. Christianity is something that deserves respect and defense as yet another integral part of our culture , but the Occident is a very complex creature, let it develop organically (with knowledge of its roots).

    On Monarchy, the feelings are mixed. The Greek Anglo-phile Monarch dragged Greece into World War II where Greeks suffered immensely, in a war they did not want. Monarchs have betrayed the people time and time again, the state should be ruled based on merit instead of lineage.

  4. Metaxas was probably a patriot, defending his land’s independance above anything else, and this despite his fascist-like ideas. But even in this, very personal, very “independant”, free thinking man. Free even from his inspirers.
    That’s why Chrysi Avgi has pretty much nothing in common with his way to act and think. They spread lies, mock greek people, pose as they’re giving them anything making use of starvation and misery they’re already in. Dirty traitors, end this farse. They don’t deserve this punishment.

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