2 comments on “Golden Dawn Condemns Pedophile Political Party, But Why Won’t World Jewry? – Νόμιμο το κόμμα των παιδεραστών στην Ολλανδία!

  1. Imagine that. Golden Dawn seems to not only be looking out for Greeks but the U.S as well, Russians have been Gay adoptions but we have not here, I would never have believed Estee Lauder was engaged in such debauchery but the facts speak for themselves, I have been on twitter and there are some politically correct people here who are more afraid of you than the conservatives here, they thought that all the International attention and negative coverage by the press would hurt you but it has done the opposite, You should be happy all this free adverising you are getting, it,s priceless :)) The fact that you are now expandin here in U.S and other countries is a wonderful thing and I,m very proud to be one of your followers my friends

  2. There should be mandatory capital punishment for sick subhuman pedophiles around the world. Golden Dawn is right to say that Sigmund Freud was a sick pervert. He was also a racist Jew. Also, there is a new political party in Germany that is demanding “equal rights” for people who enjoy sex with animals. Absolutely disgusting!

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