One comment on “Soulless Capitalists Samaras And Stournaras Pass New Tax On Those Making Less Than 5,000 Euros A Year- Νέοι φόροι σε χαμηλόμισθους και συνταξιούχους – Στο απυρόβλητο οι κεφαλαιοκράτες

  1. Here,s another reason I like you guys so much, it was the Spartans battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C that rallied the rest of Greece to rally to the cause and toss these cockroaches out, except this time, you give a rallying cause to world, especially here here in U.S. Groups like Southern Nationalist Network and League of the South are slowly beocoming inspired by your tactics and we share many of your values, maybe it,s just my imagination but it seems as if you (GoldenDawnUSA) are more concerned & dedicated to the preservation of our U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights more so than the nigtard in the White House, It,s clear Samaras does not have the interest of Greece and it,s citizens at heart, but this will change, after all it,s the Hellenic ideals that shaped our nation & made it great and can be done again

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