2 comments on “Actress Of The Year Is Attacked In Attempted Robbery And Blames It On Golden Dawn- Ομοφυλόφιλος αριστερός βουλευτής κατά Χρυσής Αυγής

  1. Does it not strike you as ‘odd’? The idea that MEN- even sodomitic men- would act all girly over NOT engaging in self-defense of their persons when attacked, and then have the gall to blame it on something as ephemeral as ideological discourse, rather than their own self-imposed castration (ideological or otherwise)?

    It just all sounds so ‘scripted’ and so very, very Talmudic. a) I’m a victim b) I’m powerless c)kill the bastards that remind me of these facts!

    It’s a really sick worldview (not even taking into account the anti-sodomy clauses in the Bible!)

  2. This is libel and slander at it,s worst, all liberals will distort the truth to promote their cause, the bible warns us of such people who bear false witness, but this should,nt be surprising after all, criminals here in U.S are now pushing Obama for more gun control

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