One comment on “Banker-Backed ‘Marxists’ Turn Down Invitations To Debate Golden Dawn, Then Cry Foul When Golden Dawn Speaks Alone!

  1. It,s good to hear that people are starting to wake up, it,s not surprising to learn that when these cokroaches from Syriza or Pasok or KKE or any other Democrat cockroach runs away when confronted by direct action such as debate, they know thay will be exposed for the criminals they really are, just like Democrats here in U.S , Greece is the Crown Jewel of Europe and the mother of Europe and Western civilization, which the U.S is based off of. Keep up the attacks my friends, it appears you are wearing down these so called Democracy (Marxist) groups and they are starting to become fearful that you are beginning to corner these fucking coackroaches

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