One comment on “The Case For British Involvement In The Death Of Ioannis Metaxas: How The British Dragged Greece Into A War It Didn’t Want-Ο περίεργος θάνατος του Μεταξά

  1. WOW, that was Eye opening to say the least, I can see why Greece is so adamant in their dilike of Britain, not just due to the situation of Cyprus in 1974 but also because of what happened in 1941, I always knew the Media was lying about Greece and this clears up any doubts, Ioannis Metaxas was correct in saying OXI to this monster of a proposal, the Germans were smart not want a conflict to the Greeks being well aware of their Spartan like spirit in combat but wer unfortunatley drawn into this due the treachery from GReat Britain

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