3 comments on “Radio Golden Dawn America Episode 5

  1. its time someone took a stand against the muslim hoards overrunning Greece and the Hellenic Islands. I have become sick and tired of forgein scum sticking their stinking filthy hands in my face for a free hand out every time i go to he market to buy food for my family.

  2. Even more appalling to those of us with Celtic Ancestry in the West, is this unbelievable piece of news:
    And why is this being done? FOR PROFIT. The bastard that is in charge of all this, hopes to sell hundreds of homes near the mosque, to the burgeoning Hagarene populace of DUBLIN, IRELAND.

    Misericordie, Domine.
    St Patrick, Orthodox Patron of Eire, pray for your deluded people.
    – Fr. John+

  3. the time for closing the gates on the muslim and eastern european-asiatic flood into Greece has arrived. Greece, because of her geographical position, has become the front line on the battle against the North African, Middle Eastern and Asiatic invasion of the western world. Golden Dawn is the only group in existance that has the courage to stand up and say “enough”. Whats more, they are solidifying their position with action in the community, not just mere words and empty political rhetoric. People all across Greece, and the world, are beginning to see the light. Golden Dawn is that light!

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