2 comments on “PASOK : In 53 Years, Want An African President For Greece – ΠΑΣΟΚ: ΣΕ 53 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ Η ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΘΑ ΕΧΕΙ ΑΦΡΙΚΑΝΟ ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟ!

  1. It,s not too late for Greece to reverse the process, I have the feeling that after Obama,s term ends and we,re not too damaged, it,s most unlikey to ever see someone of this mold ever take the reins of the U.S again, at least I hope not, however Greece still has the chance to stay Greek, your efforts and hard work must be paying off, given the fact the left is starting to get desperate with boycotts & others tactics that look as if they may backfire upon them, Hail Golden Dawn—Bringing light to a darkened world

  2. Greece can easily reverse this process because this process was a cut-and-paste job that was rammed hard and somewhat sudden for the Greeks. As far as the ASSOK pawty; scata na fate poustides!

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