One comment on “The Hellenic Counter Attack: Nationalists Boycott Alfa-Beta Supermarket! – ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΕΘΝΙΚΙΣΤΕΣ, ΜΠΟΫΚΟΤΑΖ ΣΤΑ ΣΟΥΠΕΡ ΜΑΡΚΕΤ ΑΒ ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ!

  1. Bravo! Fight the godless/Jew with their ultimate ‘God’- the god of Mammon- i.e., Money.

    They HATE this. Thus, the Jewish ‘boycott’ of Germany failed, when Hitler made Germany fiscally self-sufficient. And so hateful are the gold-worshipers, that they brought about WWII, rather than have their fiscal hegemony challenged. But it MUST be done. Depriving the Jews of the world of their gold, is the true ‘Final Solution’ (tongue firmly in cheek!)

    – Fr, John+

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