3 comments on “World Usury/Troika “Human Rights” Representative Nils Muiznieks To Samaras: Outlaw Golden Dawn!- Η κυβέρνηση των υποτακτικών απολογείται στον Μούιζνιεκς και δίνει εξετάσεις αντιχρυσαυγιτισμού!

  1. Why does Greece not do, exactly what Iceland did? Declare all EU/Jewish Banking loans/guarantees ‘redundant’ and renounce all foreign debt? Why remain in the EU? Why stay with a wife-beating husband, O Hellas?

    – Fr. John+

    • Amen Father John, AMEN!!! Deo Vinidice!!! Hellenism is the basis of our Western Civilization our founding fathers here in U.S borrowed so many ideas from Greece, only now there are attempts to pervert these ideas by the un-Godly politically correct crowd

  2. I do not know why Leftest think that they have the right to command the Greeks and stop them from making decisions that will affect no one else. They make accusations against the Golden Dawn that are really just actions commited by them in response of rape and murder carried out by the illegals. The Jewish leaders hate them and call them racist despite the Palestanian-only buses in Isreal.

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