2 comments on “Eleanor Rigby Tsipras, All The Lonely People: 10 People Come To Hear Pink Alexis Tsipras Speak, Cultural Marxist Mass Media Hides This Fact- Τρεις κι ο… Τσίπρας – 10 άτομα (μαζί με τους δημοσιογράφους) μάζεψε ο Σύριζα στην Λάρισα

  1. LOL, I like the Beatles reference you made in the title. Syriza is filled with a bunch of society-destroying fags who have been too spoiled to care about others, only their own political agendas. Hellenic lands should be ONLY for Hellenic people to roam, not any ingrate mongrels and immigrants. The Jews and Muslims, especially, need to get out in order for Greek society to go on normally like it has done before it joined the EU.

  2. I did,nt know Alexis Tsipras was so popular, 10 people showed up to listen to this douchebag, that must be a record, Greece is Greek and should not be used for vermin to come in and spread their filth and diseases uopn the Hellenic peoples, Greece is themother of Western civilization as well as Europe and is the basis upon which the U.S was founded, the EU is nothing more than a Liberal organization wth Marxist idealogies and corrupt homsexuality practices which have ruined all civilizations..keep up the good fight my friends

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