2 comments on “German Magazine “Der Spiegel” Slanders Golden Dawn and Greeks. Μετά την Χρυσή Αυγή το “Der Spiegel” επιτίθεται τώρα στην Ελλάδα

  1. Funny how the German media has no problem with the billions in free money they give to Israel, or give to Turks who live in their country but don’t want to work and commit a lot of crime instead. Instead the Zionist controlled demagogues that are running the German and Greek media are both trying to get us to be bulls chasing the red cape. Tsipras “blame Germany!” – Der Spiegel And Merkel “Blame the Southern Europeans”. Where is the Council on Human Rights about that magazine cover?

    They encourage us to be “racist” against one another, so we should do the opposite and smash the both the conservative plutocrats and the communist scum!

  2. This is most likely leftist media trying to detach people from the actual problems in the EU. We Nationalists know for a fact that European countries are being played off against each other as a decoy from what’s really going on, and that is the far-left has sold Europe out. Germany and Greece are both victims in this; whilst Greece is in an economic prison held down by Germany’s massive Economy(From being within the EU and Germany being just that much bigger in Economy), not at the fault of the Germans, but the Euro itself, Germany is having to send more tax money at Greece, it then goes right through the Greek Parliament and straight to the banks, it is theft from the Germans and Greece is the catalyst being used to do this. They KNOW Greece cannot survive but they do not care because they get money out of it; remember we should never follow the enemy and their media for their words, they are scum, once nationalist parties rise all over Europe, we MUST form a council of national states of Europe, not as one state and political union like the EU but to have co-operation with one another, a diplomatic Europe working together, not one run by the EU commission centralized government of Europe where they dictate each nations laws. Survival in Unity my brothers.

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