6 comments on “Media Disappointed At Identity Of Boston Marathon Bombers- Τσετσένοι οι δράστες της Βοστώνης- Ξεφτιλίστηκαν πάλι τα ΜΜΕ

  1. I wish that my country, the US, would wake up and start fighting the real enemies of our people and stop funding terrorists who cut our throats the moment we turn our backs.

  2. Your analysis of this folly is absolutely BRILLIANT! Both in pointing the finger of BLAME (the multiculturalists and Jews) as well as showing up the IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY they incarnate in their persons, and via their diseased minds. Many years.
    – Fr. John+

  3. White people and especially white Americans, with our growing “diversity” in this country, will continue to be blamed for every unfortunate event that unfolds in coming years until there are literally none of us left. And what of when we’re gone? Oh, it will be our legacy that will be blamed. More terrorist attacks? It was the fault of white imperialism. The country’s infrastructure begins to crumble when there are no whites left to take care of it? White people designed it so minorities couldn’t use it! President stubs his toe? Those white White House designers shouldn’t have put that damn door there. Racists.

  4. Well sadi my friends, both countries should wake up to these unaccounted for illegal aliens and give them the boot, The liberal media were stumbling allover themselves when they found out it was,nt the so-called “Right wing exteremists” that did this act, looks as if David Sirota will have to find another cause, it may very well be that this act undermined the liberals cause, Hail GoldenDawnUSA—-OPA!!!!

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