One comment on “General Secretary NG Michaloliakos: Outlaw Golden Dawn And You Open The Gates Of Hell!-Ν.Γ. Μιχαλολιάκος: Ανοίγουν τις πύλες της κολάσεως, αν θέσουν εκτός νόμου την Χρυσή Αυγή!

  1. I laud your efforts, I hope it will not come to exile pr prison, but unfortunately it sometimes comes down to this, especially when opponents use every lie and trick to shut you out of the legal process ou must fight back in the only way you know how and will get your opponents undivided attention, we all know it was PASOK that was responsible for the shhoting deaths of these illegal aliens, and many people realize what they are up to, it,s people here in U.S like Nicholas Levis and Despina Lalaki that bode no good for Greece or the U.S and use the rent-an activist to further their causes(almost sounds like occupy Wall Street all over again)Golden Dawn must be gaining a strong foot hold for these douchebags to resort to these tactics as it shows their desperation, I will continue t pray and hope that Golden Dawn will bring light to a darkened world my friends……………OPA!!!!!

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