One comment on “PASOK’s George Papandreou In 2011: Conditions In Manolada Strawberry Fields Are A Beautiful Miracle!- Όταν ο Παπανδρέου αποθέωνε το «θαύμα» της Μανωλάδας – ΒΙΝΤΕΟ

  1. These actions on the part of the ‘major parties’ in your homeland, is nothing less than a modern version of Phariseeism- I was reminded of the duplicitious lies of the Khazar/Edomite Pharisees, when (in seeking to ‘go along to get along’ with the Pagan Romans) decided that ‘it was better for one man to die (Our Lord Jesus) than to jeapordize the nation (and their position therein!), as it says in the Gospels, upon reading this article.

    Thank you also for shining the light on the race of the Deicides- when you noted that ” George Papandreou (whose father is half Polish-Jewish and mother is American-Jewish)” is ‘one of the tribe.’ I thought it was only in America that we had such ‘dual agents.’ But Hungary’s forthright response recently, in standing up to the Christ-killers,ábor_vona_when_last_straw_breaks_camels_back

    is a sign that it is a truism, that ‘The Jews have an expiration date.’

    And, like soured milk, the Jews worldwide are beginning to stink pretty bad. May I live to see the day they are routed from the once-Christian Ecumene.

    Many years.

    – Fr. John+

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