3 comments on “Here It Is, The Latest Golden Dawn Hospital Invasion The Media Is Talking About- Δράση κοινωνικής αλληλεγγύης στο Κρατικό Νίκαιας – Απάντηση στους συκοφάντες

  1. It,s quite clear that the left cannot stand to be exposed for the hypocrites they really are and when the fallacy of the left is made so clear for all to see they attack in the only way they can, by lying about How Golden Dawn feels about the disabled or abortion or their so called attacks on Hospitals, you have proven over and over again that you are the true champions of the Hellenic peoples and that you are the true humanitarians and that the EU and it,s cronies have no interest in promoting the interest og Greece or it,s peoples in any way, the fact that you are here in U.S shows how much you care about Western civilization and our Constitution and Bill of Rights here in U.S, bless you my friends, hail GoldenDawnUSA…………………OPA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maybe, Golden Dawn should go back with 100 or 200 people and see these lazy doctors try to call the police on them.

    Better yet, so that they can’t legally do anything Golden Dawn should publicize an event to the homeless right outside the hospital, then there is nothing the hospital can do. Just hand out food or bags of essentials right in front or near the hospital.

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