9 comments on “Open Calls To Violence Against Golden Dawn In Syriza Propaganda Newspaper- Ανοιχτό κάλεσμα για βιαιοπραγίες εναντίον Χρυσαυγιτών από αρθρογράφο της ‘‘Αυγής’’!

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Break their will to fight by offering the females of your enemies pregnancy. That said, it makes more sense to morph into a generic movement against Judeo-Islamic subversion, than to be strictly Nationalistic.

  2. Go ahead SYRIZA, I dare you to do it. I would love to see any one of their supporters give even one slap to a “fascist”. Somehow I think the balls to do it may be lacking so they may want to recruit some Albanians to do it for them.

  3. Syriza does,nt have the courage to do this themself, this is why they use Romas, Albanians, or some other foreigner to do their dirty work, these desperate acts show Goden Dawn are the true champions and of Greece and provide lead by example and also lead from the front, our political right here can use many lessons from GoldenDawnUSA in taking back our country, the Greeks are smart enough to realize despite the claims from the press that Golden Dawn are not the Klansman the media makes them out to be but true humanitarians and nationalists, I find it most ironic that GoldenDawnUSA has more respect for our U.S Constitution and our Bill of Rights and seems to be more dedicated to protecting and upholding these rights a lot more than many of our own politicians,(Nancy Pelosi D-CA, Harry Reid D-NV, Obama Charles Schumer D-NY) just to name a few of these hypocrites. Hail GoldenDawn

  4. I demand that SYRIZA poustides make good on their threat to slap “fascists.” Do it you pinko paleoflori, I dare you. Don’t send Albanians or any of your other pets, get of your effeminate asses and slap a “fascist” right now today.

  5. Interesting comments Zorro. It’s believed that in a situation where Golden Dawn is on the verge to take power, Wall Street and NATO will begin to fund and arm these commies and anarchists like they do with the “rebels” in Syria and Libya. Big difference is the average Greek leftist is a pudgy, effeminate, bourgeois art school student who would die if he had to work a real job, much less fight a civil war. The Anarchists have been paying and recruiting Albanians to do their fighting for years but that can only go so far .

    It’s obvious that Syriza’s aggression and violence is intensifying. Right now, from a nationalist perspective, it’s just a little obnoxious fly you can ignore and not get sidetracked with. But one day they’re going to screw up , like plant a bomb that succeeds in killing people, and they will finally get the attention they so desperately want from us.

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