2 comments on “Nils Muznieks: Illegal Immigrants Are More Important Than Indigenous Greeks- Μούιζνιεκς: οι μετανάστες σημαντικότεροι από την Εθνική ασφάλεια!

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    The globalists seek a soulless, rootless, multicultural, “melting pot” Greece incapable of mounting a resistance, and the price to pay is the gradual ethnic cleansing of the unique race of people who have been living there for thousands of years. Golden Dawn is the wrench in their machine, which is why the different groups that claim to be adversaries, are united as a front to make sure the Greek people do not hear our message.

    It won’t work , Golden Dawn is flourishing. In the following video our leader Michaloliakos states it clearly: MR MUZNIEKS, GO TO HELL!

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    Why are illegal immigrants generally male? Why are Jewish women often very Communist and very Feminist, but seldom very Zionist?
    Given the hatred of George Soros, the Greeks are very Xorg, but are they whiter than George Soros? Are the differences in autosomal DNA between Greeks and Jews large enough to deny Greek men intercourse with Jewish women? Why are both Greek and Jewish society patrilinear?

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