4 comments on “The Neo-Marxist War To Exterminate The Hellenic Spirit- Γκρεμίζοντας την συντεχνία που πνευματικώς ναρκώνει τον Λαό μας

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    Add yMany attempts to exterminate the Hellenic spirit have been made by invaders throughout the ages, always failing as steel and blood were our bulwark against their gold and oppression. Today, the sacrifices made for there to be a nation called Greece in the corner of Europe have been spat upon through the Marxist infiltration and lock down of the arts and literature, who continue on the path of de-Hellenization at a rate the Ottoman’s couldn’t have even dreamed of. Despite Marxism, particularly of the post-modern/”new Left” variety, being a minority tendency within the Greek population, for years the “left” has been behind a gradual coup to conquer important cultural institutions, quietly repressing the dissent of the silent majority. This issue is more than simple food for thought, the war of the “pink communists” within our establishment to bury the noble legacy of Greece is overt genocide.

    The first most important point to make in this regard is that Leftists are liars. Marxists will utilize any tactic, spread any big lie, and sink as low as they have to, in order to spread their poison and protect their plan.our thoughts here… (optional)

  2. Absolutely stellar article! When I realized it was two JEWS (Kanne/Clark and Albright) acting as the ‘power behind the throne’, during Clinton’s era of fellatio by a whoring Jewish slut in the Oval Office, to DESTROY ORTHODOX SERBIA, and put godless Albanian MUSLIMS into one of Orthodoxy’s most holiest areas, I KNEW it was the work of Jews, Communists, and Jewish Communist Liberals.

    WHY does no one in the GOA (Greek Orthodox in America) say ANYTHING HALF as honest as you folks have done? Is it because the Phanar has been a Masonic Corrupt and BOUGHT Office, since Meletios Metaxakis of the 1920’s? What of the BS ‘fraternal dialogue’ with the corrupt, and sodomized Church of Rome, since the 1960’s?

    It is not just the Hellenic Spirit that is at risk, IT IS THE FUTURE OF THE WHITE RACE ITSELF!

    Many years. P.S. If Greek children are starving, how can we Americans send aid to our White, Christian brethren? Do you have a ‘donation’ button for this on the website? Are you a registered charity (that would be even MORE fun- giving you both ‘legitimacy’ and a ‘tax-exempt status’ in the US!


  3. It,s Golden Dawn who is making the diiference especially in Europe, Golden Dawn stands out as a group that is taking action and going head to head with political correctness and winning, like minded groups like you here in U.S should take note and put into practice what you have done in Greece, after all it,s is a fact anyone who saves Greece saves all of Western civilization my friends. Hail Golden Dawn!!!

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    The Neo-Marxists consider the white race and Greek nation to be social construct. It may be so, but other groups are even more social constructs and systems of privilege. Deconstruct them. Communism and Anarchism create social constructs like “fascism” and “racism”. These social constructs do not exist, and bitching about them, creates systems of privilege, like the aid only given to illegal immigrants.

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