4 comments on “If Only Stalin Could See: Greek Communist Party Brings Africans To Teach Higher Culture To Greeks…The Harlem Shake!-Σήκω Στάλιν να τους δεις! Κνίτες αφρικανικής εσοδείας χορεύουν χάρλεμ σέικ – ΒΙΝΤΕΟ

  1. Stalin was the inventor of Anti-Zionism. It is true he is closer to Golden Dawn than the present “Communists”. What do Muslims think of semi-nude black dancing girls?

  2. Stalin was a cold-blooded pragmatist, a Machiavellian. He didn’t do anything out of conviction or passion for his country, he did it to cement his rule and indirectly began to butt-heads with powerful groups of people after WWII. Stalin was poisoned shortly after, as an autopsy recently found.

  3. This is fucking depressing, Stalin was a bastard, Golden Dawn must do all it can to keep Greece from falling into this type of culture. DO NOT let Greece become a urban sewer like Chicago

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