2 comments on “American Jewish Comittee Spews Hateful Lies Against Golden Dawn And Defends Their Tool Samaras- Αμερικανοεβραϊκή επιτροπή κατά Χρυσής Αυγής και υπέρ Φον Αντωνάκη

  1. This is what the leftists Jews are afraid of so much and naturally they play the “race” card by accusing Golden Dawn of being “Nazis” and wanting to wipe out Israel, many of us including myself know that these allegations against Golden Dawn are nothing more than hollow lies levied by another leftist group when their lies and true agendas are laid out for all to see and the tide turns against them so they do the only thing they can, attack by attempting to spread malicious and lase rumors about true Nationalis and Humanitarian people like Golden Dawn, keep up the figth my friends and put down these cockraoches once & for all

  2. Accoring to their own Talmud, Judaism is determined by the mother. Why cannot everyone have his way with Jewish women? Suppose Antioches Epiphanes captured a Jewish woman, and sold her into slavery. Could her children simply walk into a synagogue?

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