3 comments on “Happening In France: Grassroots Mass Struggle To Prevent Gay Marriage Ignored By Highly Unpopular French Government- Κατά του γάμου των ομοφυλοφίλων και η Γαλλία

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    Add your thThese protests came out of nowhere and shook the French establishment, now controlled by remnants of the 68rs, the voice of the majority is irrelevant and the cultural Marxist experiment must be protected . In the European Union, discussion on gay marriage is not allowed when the will of the people come out against the government’s commands. A lesson to learn from these demonstrations and resistance in Paris, is that this movement was blacked out from the media, condemned by the bureaucrats and NGOs, and had no big globalist money behind it, it was truly a grassroots movement that shows the frustration people feel with a system that does not represent them. Theoretically, a democracy cannot make laws its people don’t want, but that word is nothing more than a despicable lie to cover the truth: dictatorship of high finance, perverts, and misanthropes. The propaganda is wearing off, so the occupied government’s are becoming more and more repressive:oughts here… (optional)

  2. Any time a Gov,t recognizes such atrocities such as Gay rights etc etc, they hastne their demise, history has always proven this correct, you guys must boe doing a great job or the leftists would not be so desperate to stop you, we have such movements like Golden Dawn here inU.S and we must be gaining traction, just look how desperate Obama is trying to stop it

  3. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman must be protected. We can see how maniacal the Marxists and the liberals are to want to obliterate and desecrate 6,000 years of human tradition. Cultural Marxism is the deconstruction of civilization as we know it, especially Western culture.

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