4 comments on “Media Propaganda Organ Shows Their Desperation: “The Guardian” Calls For Violence Against Greek Nationalists- Εφιάλτες από την κοινωνική δράση της Χρυσής Αυγής έχει η Guardian .

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    Add your Yet another piece of wishful thinking is the suggestion by Trilling that Golden Dawn must plan its rallies secretly, out of fear of Leftist paramilitaries:

    “The violence it inspires is real enough, but Golden Dawn is far from being in a position of power. Its activist base remains small; it can not mobilise supporters in large numbers; and its rallies often take place unannounced, so that anti-fascist activists do not have time to gather and chase its members off the streets.“

    Golden Dawn activism is announced well in advance and attracts thousands. The biggest one of the year IMIA 2013, planned and announced very long in advance to bring comrades from all over the nation is mentioned above. On this day, “ANTIFA” (left-wing paramilitary) went on “vacation” because they would never be able to get even 4,000, much less 40,000. The ANTIFA subculture is mostly composed of shallow urban consumer trends like punks, hippies, rappers, etc, fashions most don’t have the money to keep up with these days. The youth of Greece have by and large also migrated away from Leftist politics that have destroyed their future, in favor of Golden Dawn, which is why the “Polytechneois” are in overdrive trying to recruit the illegal immigrants to do their violent bidding. Already the system is afraid of the youth coming of age to vote, because it is predicted by many that Golden Dawn has the most support among high school students. “Anti-Fascism” in Greece is generally a phenomenon outsiders (plutocrats and cultural marxists) are trying desperately to revive, to no avail. The only activism against Golden Dawn by the Anarchists and Communists are cowardly bomb attacks on offices, mob attacks against single nationalists minding their own business, or vandalizing workers union headquarters. They only know how to attack helpless targets like pregnant bank workers or taxi drivers, because they are cowards and traitors. To see a perfect example of Leftist heroics Daniel Trilling invented out of thin air, watch this video of 30 Anarchists destroying a small business attempting to attack a lone Golden Dawn member, then fleeing.thoughts here… (optional)

  2. White Nationalists, Christendom advocates, and normal Caucasians, must understand that LEFTIST schematas are all JEWISH in origin- either Boasian/Frankfurt School, Bela Kun/Alinsky school, or pure Marxism, undiluted.

    It is a RACIAL and RELIGIOUS war against the White European and their ancient Religion, Christianity!

    Every nation in Europe, the JEWS have been kicked out of- for GOOD REASON. And some of them, they were kicked out… TWICE!

    Leftist/Antifa/Sodomite/Liberal/Marxist Propaganda is NOTHING BUT the secular equivalent of the blasphemous Talmud’s rationales adopted and applied to APPEAR as though it is ‘progress,’ but what is ALL boils down to, is the ultimate question, whose trail of blood, corruption, and perversion always leads back to the race of the Deicide…

    But is it good…. for the JEWS?

    Once you realize that factoid, all scales fall from your eyes.
    – Fr. John+

    “God hates the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom
    And so do I.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

  3. The “Guardian”, the “establishments” mouthpiece, a rag mostly read by weirdos and perverts….!

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