3 comments on “PASOK Fraud: Stolen “Black Hole” Money Goes To Subsidize “Anti-Racist” And “Anti-Fascist” Groups- Το ΠΑΣΟΚ έδινε “μαύρο” χρήμα σε αντιρατσιστικές συγκεντρώσεις!

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    The Paycheck Left in Greece stole 116 million Euros to enrich themselves and pay “anti-fascists” and pay for supporters. If you ever needed proof that the Left is not an organic movement, but all about the money, there you go.
    In the USA, liberals squeal with delight at the “Latino takeover.” Of course, this takeover is funded by massive transfer payments to the Latinos; they are being paid to “take over,” in the form of massive welfare benefits AND jobs. Illegal immigrants have jobs AND enjoy welfare. that’s how they afford the low pay.
    So it’s been a rigged game against Whites for a long, long time, but now it’s all coming out and being revealed.

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    Anarchist paramilitaries think abortion is far more important than euthanasia. This makes them vulnerable to mutilation. Is euthanasia a Nazi practice?! Think about it, or you may spend eternity in fire and other torments.

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