2 comments on “Judeo-Turkish Accomplices Of Al-Qaeda In Syria And The Silent Persecution Of Orthodox Christians- Συνεργασία: Εξοντώνονται οι Ορθόδοξοι χριστιανοί της Συρίας – Ανύπαρκτη η κυβέρνηση

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    Interesting take on the Zionist role in the Syrian war. If the media likes to tell lies, don’t they fear their “gods” have lied to them in their “holy” books? Eternity is a long time to pass in searing hot fire.

  2. THOSE PARASITES!!!! They scream for a free palestine(Don,t they know Muslims don,t like Jews either?) push Muslim immigration on Western countries, Golden Dawn must not let this pass, be strong my friends, God is on the side of his Angels and Golden Dawn truly represents the light being brought to a darkened world, Hail Golden Dawn!!!!

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