One comment on “New Panas Poll:  Golden Dawn At 14%; People Turning Against Ruling Coalition- Δημοσκόπηση Πανά: περιορίζει την Χρυσή Αυγή στο 14%, βγάζει και πάλι συγκυβέρνηση μνημονίου…

  1. This is so inspiring to see, it seems as if the Occidental peoples are waking up, not just in Greece but here in U.S as well, it seems as if the “elite” here have run into great stumbling blocks as a result of their own misdoings, Golden Dawn is a role model for us here to follow, I am so proud of your untiring efforts and the success you have brought not only to yourselves but have given hope for others like minded peoples to follow, keep up the good fight my friends and may God continue to bless Golden Dawn as you are brionging light to this darkened world…Hail Golden Dawn

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