3 comments on “US Department of State publishes report against Golden Dawn. State Department προς συγκυβέρνηση: “Πάρτε μέτρα κατά της Χρυσής Αυγής”

  1. The U.S. state department is filled with traitors who would love to see the U.S. weak and practically dissolved. This corrupt department constantly demonizes any conservative, Christian, or nationalist groups. It is no surprise that they call Golden Dawn “neo-nazis” since that’s what they call the groups I have just listed. I find it laughable that they decry and demonize Golden Dawn when this department watched and did nothing while a U.S. ambassador and four soldiers were brutally murdered by Islamic extremists in Benghazi. Truly disgusting!

  2. This is the same State Dep,t that allowed 4 of our troops get slaughtered while the Douchebag POTUS got ready for a next day trip to Vegas to hang out with his “HOMEYS” & campaign against freedom, labeling Golden Dawn as an extremist group shaows they are really terrified that Golden Dawn just may actually have a positive effect here in U.S and may just be doing so if State Dept has to label them with slanderous names, Hail Goden Dawn…bringing light to a darkened world

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