8 comments on “Golden Dawn Sweeps Into Second Place. The Nationalist Onslaught Can’t Be Stopped!  Δεύτερο κόμμα η Χρυσή Αυγή! Σαρωτική επέλαση του Εθνικιστικού Κινήματος

  1. This is truly wonderful and happy news for Greece and the Western world, what this proves is that even with the liberal press and and U.S State Dept trying to undermine Golden Dawn this proves that the truth will come out and that good people cannot be kept down by corrupt politicians, not only that it gives here in U.S great hopes for our future against Douchebags like Feinsten, Pelosi, Reid and Obama, Hail Golden Dawn…bringing light to a darkened world, God bless you my friends

    • Glad that there is people like you and (Golden Dawn) in this world that has awaken too the lies.

  2. Golden Dawn, when are some of your representatives travelling to Australia? I know a lot of people who are eager to see the nationalist political party which is taking Greece and Europe by storm. However, our pro-liberal mainstream media have already been reporting many falsehoods about your party and of its intentions. Keep fighting for a better Greece! For liberty and justice Golden Dawn shall prevail!

  3. It seems some of the religious heads are accusing the GD of “satanism” and other such things. This has an effect on the type of people that should be nationalists. From what I know the GD supports the church but is not a religious movement. I don’t know why this is happening in the religious community, but I’ve heard them say that GD are “masons,” “satanists,” “pagan,” blah, blah, blah, you know the drill. I wonder who else they will find to protect them.

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