2 comments on “Stockholm Sweden Burns! The myth of “multiculturalism” collapsing! Φλέγεται η Στοκχόλμη: Καταρρέει ο μύθος του πολυπολιτισμού!

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    Add yoSince muslims like these cannot be integrated after 20 and even 30 years, with every “integration” and “assimilation” program imaginable and some of the highest living standards on earth, how is Greece, a country loaded with unemployment, poverty and suicides supposed to “integrate” them!?

    The other Greek political parties will continue to lie and sell myths and fantasies for solutions.

    Golden Dawn will not, we have the ONLY solution: Immediate and total deportation of all these immigrants from Greece! Greece belongs to the Greek people!ur thoughts here… (optional)

  2. This is the perfect storm, foreigners getting handouts while citizens get stiffed, this should be the shining example why Amnesty won,t work here in U.S, despite the lies from the media and other groups Golden Dawn has prevailed and is now on the verge of driving out these criminals, they do not want to integrate, London in some spots does,nt even look like London anymore, and the Pols here think this will work, we need to have a Golden Dawn on our elected officials here in U.S

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