4 comments on “UPDATE: Stathakion Center hosting Communist events, Golden Dawn NY intervenes. Επίθεση και βιαιοπραγίες μπολσεβίκων εναντίον Ελλήνων μεταναστών.

  1. This is of topic towards the article. However ,are the Golden Dawn under attack by the Black Panthers in Greece? I had read some articles that I am not very fond of.

  2. It’s amazing (well, not really that amazing in this messed-up world) how they get away with this! Can you imagine a nationalist group violating a law for that long before being shut down and the event blown off in the media as “Evil Nazi Supremacists Predictably Lying for Profit!”? Such treatment is absent for anarchist, international socialist, communist and other kinds of anti-cultural left-wing ideologies. Just shows how the globalists stack the system against humanity’s welfare, with their agenda of selective news and lies for the general public.

  3. I applaud Golden Dawn at showing the utter hypocrisy of the FEDGOV’s attempt to control and silence all dissent by the establishment of the concept of a 501 (c)3 ‘grant of tax-exempt’ status by the Marrano Jew, LBJ, after he took over following his complicity in the assassination of President Kennedy, in the 1960’s. If this sounds bizarre, check it out- both LBJ and Lady Bird were marrano Jews in texas, and the complete communist ‘Great Society’ only came into existence after JFK’s death- even Jackie Kennedy knew of these facts, but it was kept silent until after her death.

    Also, the Christian Churches have all (ALL!) been co-opted since the 1960’s, largely as a result of the ‘thirty pieces of silver’ the FEDGOV promised them, Judas-like, to keep slient over the change from a monoracial, monocultural first world nation, to a bastardized, multicultural hell-hole, where even sodomite ‘marriage’ is now considered ‘the Gospel.’


    Bravo- would that all Churches, but especially the SCOBA-dox, utterly repudiate this Judas-like posture, in the wake of the Obama IRS scandal….

    – Fr. John+



    Greece: WJC laments failure by governing parties to agree on bill against hate speech

    28 May 2013

    NEW YORK – The president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald S. Lauder, today expressed disappointment with Greece for its continued failure to adopt new legislation to combat hate speech, racism and the denial of the Holocaust. “It is very worrying that the mainstream parties in Athens are apparently unable to find a compromise on this important matter. Hate mongers and extremists such as the leaders of Golden Dawn are not only a threat to minorities such as the Jews; they are a threat to democracy as a whole. Hence, they ought to be fought vigorously by all democratic forces, and with the full force of the law,” Lauder declared.

    On Monday, a meeting of the leaders of the parties that form the Greek government on this issue broke up without an agreement. A draft bill by the Greek Justice Ministry is reportedly being opposed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party, which argues that existing legislation suffices in order to deal with racism and hate speech.

    According to media reports, the bill would outlaw public incitement against people because of their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, and impose jail sentences of up to six years on offenders. It would also include hate speeches made in Parliament. Moreover, political parties that receive public funding would see that funding suspended if their leaders publicly deny the Holocaust, take part in racist attacks or use Nazi salutes or symbols in Parliament.

    In March 2013, the WJC held a meeting of its Executive Committee in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. It urged “the Greek authorities to: take serious and concerted actions against Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia; implement all relevant European laws in that domain; and unite all democratic forces against the enemies of democracy, so as not to allow society to drift into the darkness of racial hatred and anti-Semitism.”

    At the time, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder and Greek Jewish Community President David Saltiel also held talks with Samaras in which they raised the danger posed by the extreme-right and anti-Semitic Golden Dawn movement.

    About the World Jewish Congress

    The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is the international organization representing Jewish communities in 100 countries to governments, parliaments and international organizations.

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