3 comments on “The Madness And Racism Of The Anti-Greek Left- Ο ρατσισμός της ανθελληνικής αριστεράς

  1. Svoboda in Ukraine receives many of the same challenges from the Russian-backed POR & Communist Party alliance currently in power. Russia continues to manipulate Ukraine’s resources and geographic Black Sea location for their Bolshevik aims. This is done via voter fraud, election corruption, blackmail, and political attacks as evidenced by Yuschenko’s acid attack and Tymoshenko’s imprisonment. Svoboda and Golden Dawn are brothers in justice and true democracy for their respective countries!!

  2. The Darkness before the Dawn(Golden Dawn) clearly the left is losing ground, liberalism alway degenerates into terrorism same hoes here in U.S with similar problems with not just illegal aliens but the blatant attempts at Islamification of America, claerly people are starting to fight back in Greece and herein U.S and I hope Sweden and Brtiain can pull their heads out of their 4ht point of contact and eliminate these scourges before it,s too late…Hail Golden Dawn..bringing light to a darkened world

  3. Excellent. Cambria says much the same thing.


    If there were just ONE country, where self-aware Whites, with a love of their race, their religion, and their heritage were allowed to live in peace, apart from the ‘xenos’ and the ‘heretic,’ we’d be the world’s rulers in less than a hundred years. And the Deicides, and the Sodomites, and the Marxists all KNOW THIS. History shows that we are the predestined Elect of God, as Christendom, as Europa.

    Many years, preach the message, never give up, never give in.

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