4 comments on “Germany’s Racist Reparations: For Jews only. – Ρατσιστικό γερμανικό κράτος: αποζημιώσεις μόνο για εβραίους!

  1. Germans are afraid of the Jews of whom were above all by far the most important causualties suffered throught the second world war despite the fact that they are confirmed to have been in place of the deaths of a mere six million compared to the twenty million of whom had been killed within the Nazi death camps. This shows that the Jews as always to the past to present day are considered to be overwhelmingly important members of society not just the German but any with a Jewish commitee. The leaders and political heads of the societies that value the Jews more than the Native citizen are just puppets to the Zionest regime. The Germans are now occupied by these puppets of whom are taking what a German citizen had worked hard for and turning his or her earnings into a benefit of the holocast survivors through taxation as an apology for their causing. Merkel would most likely say that Germans deserve to pay the Jews back for what they had done however this is what their ancestors had done and someone can not help what their ancestors had done. I dont beleave that all Jews in General are bad and evil curropters. However, they are a suspicous group. Now that I had stated my opinion, I now have a question. I’m part Greek, are non-Greeks allowed to join the Golden Dawn? If so then would ‘ent that mean Greece would be just be a social jungle of many non-Greeks? Or are they just allowed to join the Golden Dawn chapters outside of Greece?

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Interesting discussion of Jewish privilege. But does Israel want to have its soldiers flogged because they want to draft the Ultra-Orthodox?

  3. Thius is typical, shows that the ZOGs have no compaasion for othere who also survived the camps, shows that they are anti-Western & anti-freedom in their quest to push multi-culturism on everyone but themselves, this is why Golden Dawn is leading the way, this is why even though I,m non Greek I wish to be a part Of Golden Dawn even of the group is an outside chapter supporting Greece and the preservation of Western civilization for all Indo-European peoples

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