7 comments on “Our Greece Is Not Your Protectorate! – An Article By Nicholas Michaloliakos Προς State Department: Η δική μας Ελλάδα δεν είναι το προτεκτοράτο σας! -Άρθρο του Ν.Γ. Μιχαλολιάκου

  1. While I applaud your stances, and can easily see that the USA (my nation of birth, if not my ‘homeland’ any longer) is the Jews’ b*tch, I would ask, why inflame those of us who live in the USA, with spurious tales of ‘massacring the Amerindian,’ when such are, and continue to remain, utterly Pagan, and therefore, irredeemable, by ANY stretch of the imagination?

    As to the wax nose charges of ‘anti [sic] ‘semitism,’ I leave your readers with this link. Clearly, only ONE hypocritical race of ‘actors’ are guilty, of pretending to be the ‘People (Laos) of God,’ when, as Europeans know from St. john, ‘they are NOT!” [ Rev. 2:8,9]


    Please continue the good work, and the English translations. It is like a cleansing bath, to read of the capture of our nation, by those whom you have fought against, bravely, for 20 centuries!

    Greece- Orthodox, Hellenic Greece- is the world’s Elder Brother in the fight for a free Christendom!

    • The point about the Amerindian issue is not to attack Americans but rather to point out the blatant selective compassion of the United States government.

      Leftists, the politically correct media and the US governments politically correct policies in theory are supposed to protect the rights of indigenous people.

      Yet when it comes to Greece, the rules change and suddenly they don’t care about the rights of indigenous people in Greece, suddenly they start to mirror the Anglo Americans of 3 centuries ago and plan to exterminate Greeks. Yet they also try to critisize and make guilty the anglo Americans of today for what happened 3 centuries ago.

      To a Greek in Greece, this blatant hypocrisy is sickening and it is more than right to point it out when they start to speak of humanity and rights and freedom.

  2. My concept of the relationship between Anglophone progressives and communists is here-


    briefly that the Anglophone system, while supposedly anti-communist, found communism a useful tool in destroying nations they were not able to control, basically any not Protestant and not former British colonies.

    And yes, the Amerindians were vicious Neolithic savages who did much worse to European settlers than was done to them. Read T.R. Fehrenbach’s book about the Comanches for some real gothic horror.

    BTW got my T-shirt, thanks.

  3. Greece will win over these douchebags, our own State Dept is complicit with these fucking scoundrels trying to undermine the country which gave us (The U.S) it,s basic priciples and foundations for the sake of multiculturism filth and lies,Golden Dawn are the real champions of civil rights & Nationalism and nothing will stop you now my friends, Hail Golden Dawn..bringing light to a darkened world

  4. Our State Department has little or no credibility under the criminal regime currently in the WH. Their chickens are now coming home to roost; much like the current treasonous jackals ‘running’ Greece will soon experience.

  5. Any State Department that could have Hillary Clinton as their figurehead (and the most ugly figurehead imaginable!) is clearly, insane. Oh, wait. I’ve just described Americans voting for an illegal alien mulatto bastard who isn’t even a citizen- TWICE. “Nuff said.

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