8 comments on “Resist! ΑΝΤΕΠΙΘΕΣΗ! Archive cover photo:

  1. Could you give a subtitle for the text in the poster, please? Thanks.

    I’m also very much interested in reading material and translations to English of the news, views and other texts from Golden Dawn at its foundation and until present times, even if the party was anti-Christian in the 1980s (fortunately, it changed later).

    • It basically tranlates to:

      “Golden Dawn, monthly ideological instrument for the people’s association. ”

      Golden Dawn was never anti-christian, that is another media lie made to slander Golden Dawn, nor was it pagan, it was not religious at all.

      However in the 80’s, topics of the church and byzantium were much less commemorated than they are today.

      However even today, Golden Dawn makes clear that it is not a religious, but purely political organization.

      • I actually heard the bit about GD originally being pagan on Stormfront (in a neutral way). I don’t really believe what the media says about the party, we all know they’re hostile to it, and the reasons why.

        Of course the party is and should be primarily politically oriented, I’m just stating what i read about the segments of the population it was oriented to and how it changed later.

        Nothing of that changes in any way my interest about Golden Dawn’s activities from 1980s to 2000s. In fact, I’m really curious about it. Do you plan to post scans of the media you produced back then, with a translation of the respective pages included? Obviously you do not need to do it for more than 1 page per issue. You can do it during your spare time, if you have nothing else to do. Thanks!

      • We would like to, but we never have nothing to do with all that’s going on right now. Even so we may do this project in the future.

  2. I sent an email about sending some donations on Sunday but haven’t heard back are you still collecting stuff to send to Hellas

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