6 comments on “Golden Dawn Now At 16.2%, The Sky Is The Limit – Στο 16,2% η Χρυσή Αυγή – Ανεβαίνει χωρίς ταβάνι!

  1. It’s pretty much certain that the paid-for government, media and globalists will be using every kind of trick and cheating (including forming a coalition) to ensure that GD loses the 2016 elections (even if by a landslide, in order to make it appear that they were “fair”). I hope the party is ready for it.

  2. To face the facts the Golden Dawn are the only political force visible on the streets supporting the Greek public. The political opponents of the Golden Dawn are not even suitable for running against them they lack the notable good deeds to have reason for the Greeks to vote for them. That’s why when the leader of Syriza makes a speech very few come to hear it because they are all probably to busy scrambling for food at the soup kitchens proposed by the Golden Dawn. Thus, the rise of the Golden Dawn can no longer be stopped and pretty soon they will be the leading force politically while they are still currently the leading force publically. However, things can go wrong if you look at what others are saying of whom claim that Greeks are only voting for the Golden Dawn in protest of their current government. If this is true then the Golden Dawn’s popularity will deflate once the crisis is finished. I am not sure if that is all that accurate though. The Golden Dawn supporters do seem almost loyal to the Golden Dawn members.

    • What’s good is that Golden Dawn is a genuinely nationalist party. Other “civic nationalist” parties can easily be defected to as a protest vote and then abandoned. But none of them have the presense, boots on the ground, grass-roots nature, or dedication of Golden Dawn.

      I really think Golden Dawn is the real deal.

    • They say anything they can in the hope that they are just going to wake up one morning and we will just go away. But the conditions will not go away and neither will the economy improve because the country is still functioning as a slave state.

  3. This is happy news indeed my friends, it seems that all the ZOG shit & Soros funding to undercut Golden Dawn is failing miserably, Golden Danw will rise and lift the evil liberal shadow from Greece and all of Western civilization, Hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to a darkened world

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