2 comments on “Salaried Anarcho-Communist Paramilitaries In Patras Ruthlessly Attack Policeman –With The Tolerance Of Dendias! – ΕΜΜΙΣΘΟΙ ΠΑΡΑΚΡΑΤΙΚΟΙ ΑΝΑΡΧΟΚΟΜΜΟΥΝΙΣΤΕΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΤΡΑ ΛΙΝΤΖΑΡΟΥΝ ΑΣΤΥΝΟΜΙΚΟΥΣ-ΛΙΜΕΝΙΚΟΥΣ ΜΕ ΤΗΝ ΑΝΟΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟΥ ΠΡΟ-ΠΟ!

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    What is known for sure, is that the Anarchist paramilitaries of Greece have the complete support of the NGO’s, speculators (George Soros-IndyMedia), and the corporate international newspapers. All the forces of big money and media are hoping the Anarchists and their terrorist tactics can stop Golden Dawn (unsuccessful thus far), and then fade back into obscurity once the elites’ work is done (as always happens with these pawns of the system). But the question remains as to why the Greek government violently and unconstitutionally attacks civilians at Golden Dawn food drives with such eagerness, while covering and protecting the Anarchist “squat” of Patras that is openly the source of ruthless attempted murders on regular citizens and even the police itself.

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