6 comments on “Healthy Society, and Greece Today… Οι υγιείς κοινωνίες και η Ελλάδα

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    The example of Russia is an interesting one, after over 70 years of communist dark ages has understood the plot of the leftist social engineers. They understand that the foreign donors to these pro-homosexual and other degenerate causes are trying to reintroduce state repression of the peoples healthy instincts, against their will. In response, the Russian parliament unanimously against the legalization of homosexual propaganda, as the Russian people are overwhelmingly clear that they oppose this.

    These same exact foreign funded groups in Russia promoting this degeneracy are the same promoting it in Greece. The will of the people in both countries is the same, the difference is that the Russian state decided to go with the peoples will, and the Greek state decided to go against it.

  2. Oh, please. Call them who they are: Jews, Fags, and Jewish Fags.

    Also, mention must be made of Elmer Barnes’ book, ‘Perpetual War for perpetual peace,’ which is an analysis of the anarchist/communist/talmudist Worldview.

    Axios, Golden Dawn.

  3. The Russians were smart enough albeit ot took them a long time to realize what all this liberal shit really is, Fags, queerbaitng Jews and Internationalists with no regard to National Sovereignty, Golden Dawn must really be doing a great job since the ZOG liberals are so upset over the rising popularity of Golden Dawn, Hail golden Dawn, the true champions of Nationalis & Humantiy & bringing light to a darkened world

  4. A review of Arab and African violence in France:

    >blockquote>…In any case, this is the first time our good souls on the left (and those on the race-replacement right) have seen fit to spill their tears over a native son killed by an immigrant. [Esteban Morillo, the accused skinhead, is of Spanish descent.] If this idiotic death weren’t so tragic, that would be almost heartening…

    Still and all, the skinhead and antifa violence which is throwing the government into a panic only causes one death every ten years. It’s a bad joke compared to the violence by the hoodie brigade [reference to Arab and Afro aggression]. Every single day this violence drives half the country up the wall, it attacks trains, terrorises their passengers, ethnically cleanses neighborhoods, blurs the lines between organized crime and guerilla warfare, rips entire swathes of territory from the Republic, and, by its grip on the [drugs] black market, adds to our widespread stupor…

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