3 comments on “The audacity of Netanyahu on display. – Επίδειξη θράσους από τον Νετανιάχου

  1. The CHUTZPAH is amazing. The irony, so well written above, that the King of Judah is blaming the Allies for the holocaust, with all the zillions of shekels and pounds of flesh given to Greater Israel. Next election can what’s left of the USA vote for Putn?

  2. Surprising! This monkey boy NUT10YAHOO still BLA BLA about Iran war!? Even after Ahmadinejad is no more the president in Iran?? :O :O :O
    I thought the main reason for war with Iran was Ahmadinejad and his supposed speech “we must wipe Israel off the map”…. well Ahmadinejad is no longer the president so why does NUT10YAHOO keeps bla bla bla bla bla about Iran war? :O

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