5 comments on “Nikos Michaloliakos: “The rise of Golden Dawn continues, along with the rise in embarrassment of the entire system.” Η συνεχής άνοδος της Χρυσής Αυγής και η αμηχανία ενός ολόκληρου καθεστώτος- Άρθρο Ν.Γ. Μιχαλολιάκου

  1. “using capitalist TV studios and big media conglomerates to claim Golden Dawn is the “Long Arm of the System”, even opponents must be too ignorant to claim such a thing. According to the official propaganda, Greece, as the hardest hit EU country, “is full of extremists”, and so Golden Dawn has “already taken over the system”, where they supposedly perform acts of terrorism on non-Greeks on a routine basis. This notion is directly contradicted by “anti-racist” laws (which only targets Greeks, hence racist) being passed, or at least proposed, projects for official mosques being advanced, the media showing a bad image of the party (one would think it’d be the opposite, given how GD is the “tool” of the system), the immigrants’ crimes on Greeks being downplayed, etc.

    This is what happens when people think they consume unbiased media (which really allows everything, BUT actual insight into history, politics and free discussion on ideologies), when in fact it’s owned by corporations and other globalists, who’ll obviously not allow any serious official support of GD in the country, which is against their interests. In fact, most of the Greeks in Greece against the party have no idea of what exactly Golden Dawn has been doing, and what it stands for. Just imagine if they learned the truth. What an awakening it’d be, and how it would improve the country. They CAN see that no mainstream party is actually doing anything, but are blinded by the falsely horrible image of the only solution, which is why they feel so hopeless now. Shattering the myths about this movement is crucial, and needs to be done step-by-step (since people have been conditioned to think against such “obvious evils”). Once done, the average citizen’s hope will be restored, and (s)he will for once fully understand the reason behind this crisis and who’s the real enemy.


    On this progress, let’s hope that the next big step is taking hold of Athens’ municipality. Watch out for infiltrators especially (they’re worse than any enemy), and assassinations in the future.

  2. May you go from strength to strength, proving yourselves in the crucible of fire, at this horrific time in our world’s history.
    – Fr. John+

  3. This is what America needs, great leadership and a party which truly has it,s country,s best needs at heart and in soul as well, the lies of both parties here have gotten to the point where you really can,t tell one from the other anymore, seeing what you are doing in Greece and here in U.S has given me inspiration to want to start up a Nationalist group modeled after Golden Dawn, God bless you my friends and Hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to a darkened world

  4. To RRSmith : I have been in USA several times years ago ,realy the majority of the people there were blind due to the trust to media and their lies presenting a fake world.Unfortunely they do not use their mind to think about and not because are not clever or good people .The Financial-political-media etc systems are controled by Zionists (Jews and their alies), so they created the int’nal mafia which called “NEW WORLD ORDER”. I hope that you ‘ll create a party like Golden Dawn for the good of US and the rest of the world.

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