2 comments on “Golden Dawn America Radio Episode 7: TRUTH IS THE BEST PROPAGANDA

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  2. Another great podcast, I especially liked the insight on Syria.
    Ed, I think a lot of your impressions are hilarious, keep doing them!

    Some things that I think would great to cover for future pod casts:

    *What is this ‘Independent Greeks’ political party all about? They claim to be anti-austerity, anti-multiculturalism, anti-illegal immigration, anti-leftist and pro-Greek Orthodoxy. What is the relationship between this party and XA? If there any possibility of a coalition or are they no better than New Democracy?

    *There’s a lot of talk about XA membership and sympathies within the Army’s top ranks. Is there are any information or clarity that can be made public about this?

    *I remember following XA in the early to mid 2000’s when they seemed to ignore or cut out the Greek Orthodox church from their ideology which was based more on Ancient Spartan values. Infact, many openly Pagan members made up a sizeable percentage of the party’s following. Now there seems to be a new admiration of the Greek Church. What has changed in the party’s religious ideology, and what is the Greek church’s ‘official and ‘unoffical’ stance on XA?

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