4 comments on “Beware of Facebook Pages claiming to be Golden Dawn.

  1. Facebook is basically a data-mining field. The only purpose in it would be to wake up people en masse, but even with the highest security precautions, the site records way too much information. Even posting fake info probably won’t work, seeing how it constantly tries to track your location. It’s a huge spy tool, that’s its main purpose.

    Avoid Facebook.

  2. Their wannabes, no Nationalist movement will ever be as successful as the Golden Dawn for a very long time. There’s many “pro-white” and “anti-white extinction” groups out there who look up to the Golden Dawn as protecting the white race which is true in many ways while they remain the strongest white Nationalist out there. They want Greece for the Greeks and those groups claiming to be Golden Dawn probely aren’t even Greek but are affiliated with those other groups. Of course these could be supporters of the Golden Dawn but they are a little different ideology wise.

  3. Thank you for this warning, Facebok has long since been known a stoolie for the Fucking FEDS and liberal minded peoples who despise Nationalism & freedom

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