12 comments on “Impoverished Greeks left no choice but to leave their children in institutions. Εξαθλιωμένες Ελληνικές οικογένειες αφήνουν τα παιδιά τους στα ιδρύματα.

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    As a result, it is estimated that 10% of Greek children are now suffering from starvation. Greek parents whos own parents are deceased, or destitute themselves, are putting their own children in state run orphanages and then visiting them on the weekends as they stuggle to collect money any way they can.

    Greek teachers in Athens no longer conduct physical education classes because children are so malnourished they are passing out in class. There are even reports of these children looking in the trash for food.

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    Greek children, starving. Greek territory is rich though; there’s tons of oil in Greek territory. The Banksters of ZOG want it all – and the children can starve. Just like Holodomor…

  3. Lowering the birthrates? Respond with euthanasia! Attack the Elite and their Leftist footsoldiers, and mutilate in a very cruel way. Ask them, is euthanasia a Nazi-practice? Ask them, are we Nazis? Ask them, is Hell eternal? Greece needs a new religion, my religion!

  4. Oh, my God. I did not know.

    I reblogged this on Occidental Dissent, and asked if we ‘evil racist White Southernors’ can help our brethren. Please do a post, telling us what we can do, and how we can do it.

  5. This is just plain sad, tell us here what we can do to help? I will post this everywhere my friends

  6. This is truly sad and appalling. This is the model that the Globalists and Zionist extremists want for the rest of the world. They want to reduce our populations, while flooding our countries with millions of illegal and criminal aliens. This is so sad to hear. I have two kids and it is heartbreaking to hear that Greek parents and children should have to live through this. Please tell us how we can help. Fight for freedom, fight to win!

  7. I’m starting a White Student Union at an American university. You can bet we’ll make collecting donations for the poor Greeks a WSU-sponsored event.

    God bless.

  8. I tweeted this immediately. Our western nations and people, who turn a blind eye to Greek suffering, will meet the same fate. Our Father in Heaven is not blind, and will ensure we all reap what we sow. Indifference to the mass killing of Greeks, is to support genocide. It does not matter if you use bombs or social engineering: the instant, or slow killing of a people is genocide.

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