6 comments on “Reuters Article Reports: Athens Mayor Kaminis claims “Plenty of Money to Build a Mosque” Καμίνης στο Reuters: Λεφτά υπάρχουν για τζαμιά!

  1. The last thing anyone wants is to see the land, the birthplace of our Western civilization become corrupted, by these cockroaches, if they buid the mosque, let,s hope that someone or someones will burn it down, it,s time for Greece to be what it has always been, Greek, Western and in corrupted by the ill of liberalism & political correctness, Hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to those who have lost their way

  2. The Muslims are sending roots deep into Sacred Greek Soil and Kaminis & his wretched traitorous supporters are the manure that will feed this weed of muslim hatred.
    This mosque will be the place of spreading hate against the infidel and must be stopped before it is too late…..We have already witnessed this via hateful clerics preaching this disgusting dogma within mosques around the world.
    I cannot wait for Golden Dawn to seize power and kick out these traitorous supporters of the black hand of the muslim hoards.
    Zito H Ellas….Zito Xrisi Avgi

  3. Your own history shows that to countenance the Hagarene on your soil, is to pollute your very soul. As a Greek, as a Christian, as a European.

    “Drive out the slave’s son, for he shall never be an heir with the free born.” – St. Paul

    – Fr. John+

  4. If Greek ancestors were as shrill and complacent as Kaminis, the Greeks would still be under Ottoman rule and there would be more Mosque then churches in Athens. In fact, if all of Europe was as backstabbing and psychopathic as the current crop of deranged mad spitting loonies leading the Europe today, the Europeans would not exist.

    These people are our gravest enemies and the greatest threat to our rights, freedom, and future. It is amazing how corrupt elites who get paid off by money swindlers like George Soros embrace this new form of colonization, when our ancestors fought so hard to free ourselves from Islamic imperialism or any form of colonization, and here we see these ruthless and rootless individuals doing everything to destroy our nations.

    These people aren’t “democrats” their anti-Hellenic and determined to destroy Greece. If the Pakistani is feeling so bad then go back to Pakistan where churches are attacked and little girls get shot on their bus for going to school.

  5. My family moved to Canada in the 50’s and 60’s. when they got here they found a Thriving Greek community with churches and community centres that was paid BY THEM. 5$ 10$ from each member of the community and many years and they did it themselves, so No way the Gov’t of Greece should pay. Then there is the fact that I can’t go to Hagia Sofia and hear a holy liturgy, also if I where to live in an Islamic country as a Christian I would pay an extra tax for the grace of the Gov’t as written in the Koran. Then there is the fact that my people where almost wiped out by Islam. I would never want to see a mosque in Athens especially if the Gov’t of Greece pays. Last time I checked Greece was created to have a place for Greeks to in.

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