One comment on “Eurostat poll: 26.8% Unemployment in Greece for month of March Στο 26,8% η ανεργία στην Ελλάδα για τον Μάρτιο

  1. “austerity… has no effect of revitalizing our workforce, an end must be put to the exploitation of our national economy.”

    This is the point that so many people don’t get, especially because of TV and the media (and even more outside of Greece)! The “austerity” imposed on primarily middle-class and poor doesn’t make them “more productive” and “live within their means”, instead it creates costs on the citizens, forcing the closure of the remaining industries that make importation more necessary under this system, makes people homeless, forces them to relinquish vital goods, lose their jobs, suffer hunger, etc. All this is because the taxed money doesn’t stay in the treasury to be used for social projects, it flows into the banks, in HUGE amounts.

    A “healing process” is one where it’s applied to solve social problems, like creating decently-paid jobs and improving the birthrate, not one where most of the money taken from citizens is ultimately transferred to the political and financial elites!

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