2 comments on “Syriza Conference Goals: Separation of Orthodox Church from the State, and Legalization of Gay Marriage! ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΟ ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: ΝΑΙ ΣΤΟΝ ΧΩΡΙΣΜΟ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑΣ-ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ, ΝΑΙ ΚΑΙ ΣΤΟ ΓΑΜΟ ΤΩΝ ΚΙΝΑΙΔΩΝ!

  1. “Yet, despite all this, some orthodox bishops (thankfully a small amount) will likely still react by continuing to speak against Golden Dawn. Perhaps even saying, “we would rather support atheists than support Golden Dawners” despite how ridiculous that position is.”

    Then tell them to read 2 John 9-11

    “Each who going forth and not abiding in the teaching of Christ has not Yahweh. He abiding in the teaching, he also has the Father and the Son. If one comes to you and does not bear this teaching, do not receive him into the house and do not speak to welcome him! For he speaking to welcome him takes a share in his evil works.”

  2. God bless you for noting the reality of the “Jew World Order,” that would make Hellas just like every Western European antichrist state- a godless husk of what once was known as Christendom.

    May you go from strength to strength, in your fight as the forerunner of the holy war for the souls of Ecumene Man.


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