11 comments on “Recent Golden Dawn New York shipment of donations arrived in Greece, thanks to everyone! Mεγάλη συλλογή τροφίμων πραγματοποίησε ο Πυρήνας Νέας Υόρκης.

    • Yes as of now we are requesting focusing on baby food, diapers and formula. Or you can send debit gift cards by envelope and we will purchase these locally

      • I can do that. Also I have a couple of boxes of kids clothes I would like to send too if that is ok. I hate giving them to goodwill or whatever here in AZ because they’ll most likely end up with illegals.

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  2. “Afghan and African illegal immigrants, who used the square to sleep in, sell drugs and to rob the elderly people walking near it.”

    You forgot rape! It goes without sayings that the Muslims rape.

  3. BRAVO for looking after the poor people of GREECE. As a GREEK i am so proud of GOLDEN DAWN the true custodian in a political sense of the true history of GREECE and our way of life. You are the poltical light of the whole world of what a true democracy represents and the political flame that fights the real tyrany of this world. What will be will be. Saying that i am honoured as a GREEK to know that you existed in my generation thank you. It makes me feel happy to know that our orthodox history will stay alight for all GREEKS who are loyal to their nation and who we are as a people. ZHTO ELLAS.

  4. Are you accepting donations at this time? If so what are you in need of now? I would really like to help your cause!

  5. where can i send a donation to? You guys are like the libertarian party of america,truley looking out for my fellow hellenes,id also like to buy a flag of yours to display next to my gasden flag.Keep up the good work,and thank you for helping out in galatas!

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